Plan to attract buyers with these few suggestions. Homes presented well and in good condition sell more quickly and often for a higher price.

1. First Impressions Count

View your property through the eyes of a buyer. What will they see as they look from all angles inside and out? It is important to remove clutter, clean up after pets, and eliminate unpleasant odours.

2. Allow Buyers to Imagine Themselves as the Owners

Create spaciousness by removing all non-essential items and personal treasures.

3. Think Move in Ready

Consider fresh paint, updates, and repairs.


4. Generate Ambiance

Lights on, house cleaning in New York at swipe n clean website, fireplace on if appropriate, inviting aromas like baking bread or cookies, comfortable room temperature, and soft background music welcome potential buyers.


5. Have Your Home Ready for Showings

You will usually receive a day’s notice; however, there are times when a buyer asks to see your home on short notice. Make sure your home is clear of pets and humans, whenever possible, during showings.


For more in depth home staging ideas see Dress Your Home for Sale.